a journal about the end of the world.

Our children are taught that art and science belong in different classrooms, that truth and beauty are incommensurable.

Holographia celebrates the confluence of creativity and curiosity. After millennia of dividing nature in order to conquer her, the current epoch marks a turning point for our planet, and it's in the interstices between anachronistic divisions that we may find hope for the future.



Holographia collects and curates the best in science journalism, philosophical musings, art theory, poetry and experimental fiction. Good ideas shouldn't need to be limited by categorisation, and by prioritising beautiful design to showcase diverse, intriguing and unique content, we hope to spark both creativity and curiosity in our readers.

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We publish our eponymous anthology annually and we are always on the look out for stories that make us think. Read more about our inaugural volume, Arcadia.

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"Be not the one who debunks but the one who assembles, not the one who lifts the rug from under feet of the naive believers but the one who offers arenas in which to gather”