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issue one: ARCADIA

ARCADIA explores and interweaves themes of:

Paradises lost; utopian/dystopian futures

Queer and non-binary ontologies; Speculative ecologies and ecosystems

Reconciling space and time scales with human experience

Hyperobjects, quantum field theories, network systems, tentacular thinking, cyborgs, symbioses, non-euclidean geometries and hyperbolic ecologies

String figures, polystyrene, corals, oceans, hyperobjects and microcosmic speculative extrapolations.

Sculpture, installation, conservation; submarine aesthetics; art, design and innovation.

Tactility, utility, materiality, value systems, historical binaries, evolution, cognitive revolution.


Submissions for volume 001: ARCADIA

closing march 1, 2019 (by midnight AEST)

If you have existential musings scribbled in a moleskine, philosophical essays that you never thought would see the light of day, or a passion for an esoteric discipline that you want to share - this is your chance.

Holographia is primarily intrigued by the intersections and interstices of science, philosophy and the arts, but essentially we are looking for creative, unique and engaging material on just about any subject. Holographia is far more liberal and accessible than an academic journal, while not as fleeting and ephemeral in content as a monthly magazine. In ten or even fifty years time, we hope our first issue will still be relevant and inspiring, transcendent of culture and context. We chase the enigmatic, so if you can intrigue us, teach us or inspire us we want to hear from you. We encourage you to play with language, to explore depths and push boundaries.

We are looking for an array of long-form articles, shorter commentaries, critiques, reviews, personal essays, scholarly expositions and intriguing interviews, and we don’t believe in curbing creativity, thus there is no upper limit on article length. Our editors are happy to work with you to help edit and develop your ideas before publication, and you will always get the opportunity to review any editing or corrections before publication. Holographia is not a peer-reviewed journal (at this stage) — we are more Cabinet than Continent. Submissions can be pieces of academic writing, excerpts from peer-reviewed articles, or essays based on original research, but our overall aim is to create a magazine that is both inspiring and accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

So send us what you have, or pitch any ideas tumbling in the back of your mind along with a short bio — our editors will get back to you as soon as possible.


Please note, Holographia actively welcomes the work of writers and researchers from a diversity of backgrounds, particularly prioritising the voices of those who may be stifled by traditional academia.

We encourage pitches from people from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, linguistic or geographic backgrounds (particularly those from Indigenous communities), writers with neuro-diversity or differing physical abilities, people who identify as gender diverse, people within the LGBTQI+ community or those identifying with other expressions of sexual preference. We also prioritise early career researchers and people with non-traditional or non-academic educational backgrounds.


Completed pieces

Email us one single word document or PDF with:

1. your name

2. contact details

3. a short (200 word) author bio

4. an outline of your piece

5. whether it has been previously published, if it needs significant editing, and any other notes

6. your full piece


If you are sending a pitch or an idea, please include your name, a short bio, details of your relevant experience or interests, and incude either a link or a breif extract as an example of your recent work.

The actual pitch could include a summary or outine of what you want to write, a general topic, some preliminary research or even a rough draft. Our editors will help guide the piece into fruition. 

Art & photography

Send us a short bio along with a link to your website or folio, and include some low-resolution images if you already have specific pieces in mind.